To start

Market salad

with seeds and vegetable strips


Beef tartar

with toasted house bread

S 24.00
L 34.00

Altstetter beer soup

with fried onions & cheesy croutons


Salad dressing of your choice

French · Italian · house dressing

Our house bread

A traditional mixed bread made from rye and wheat, produced with a mild sourdough.

To share

Fried potato wedges

with BBQ sauce and garlic aioli


Fresh vegetable

to dip, with herb mustard sauce and garlic aioli


Chicken sticks in a basket

crispy chicken drumsticks from the oven, served with fried potato wedges, BBQ sauce and garlic aioli


Market salad to share

for 2 or 4 people with seeds and vegetable strips

grilled chicken, per person: +9.00
baked feta cheese, per person: +7.50

S 22.00
L 34.00

Brew master platter

cured ham, bacon, smoke dried sausage, Mutschli cheese (soft & mild), pickle & balsamic pickled onions


Fish crispies

from Lake Zurich with remoulade sauce, large portion served with market salad

S 16.50
L 31.50


We exclusively use Swiss meat & fish.


All our prices are in CHF incl. VAT.


Sliced veal “Zurich style”

in a creamy mushroom sauce, served with hash-browns


Farmer’s hash-brown

with Guldenberger cheese, onions, bacon and fried egg


Leek & cheese pie

served with a market salad


Brasserie burger

with Guldenberger cheese, bacon & egg, served with fried potato wedges


Braui beer-sausage

based on a traditional house recipe, with onion sauce and hash-browns


Juicy pork knuckle

fresh from the oven with cabbage salad



Portion or as much as you like!
In BBQ beer marinade, served with potato wedges or cabbage salad

S 38.00
L 49.00

We are happy to serve you our high-quality home-made bread alongside our dishes. This is a traditional rye and wheat mixed bread, made with mild natural sourdough. Our ingredients come from IP-Suisse cultivation, where the use of pesticide is strictly prohibited.

Food intolerances

We will gladly inform you about any allergens in our dishes and the origin of our products.



refined with cherry, meringue and cream


Coupé Nesselrode

with cherry vermicelles, vanilla ice cream, meringues and cream


Various glacé balls

portion of cream


Mini dessert

served in a glass, daily suggestions


Recipe: Altstetter Beer Soup

1 piece garlic clove
6 dl Turbinenbräu Sprint
(or any other light beer)
50 gr. butter
50 gr. flour
2.5 dl vegetable stock
2.5 dl milk
20 gr. Guldenberger cheese (mature)
0.5 dl whipped cream
Salt, pepper, nutmeg

Heat up the butter in a sufficiently large pot. Sauté the garlic briefly in it, add the flour. While stirring, wait until the butter-flour mixture turns golden, then slowly add the milk, stirring constantly. Next, stir the vegetable stock into the roux. Grate the cheese into the soup. Let it simmer until the cheese is completely dissolved. Stir the beer and cream into the cheese soup and season with pepper, salt and nutmeg. Finely chop the chives and add them to the cheese beer soup at the very end. Add cheese croutons and fried onion as desired.

Jiri Hyk – Our chef

Chef Jiri Hyk and his team creates tasty Swiss dishes from local products. The traditional swiss cuisine is redefined with a modern twist. Some dishes, such as the Braui Sausage are based on a traditional house recipe, the Brew Master Platter offers various regional delicacies and the Altstetter Beer soup is simply a “must-try”.

"When it comes to our ingredients, we always choose fresh and local products.” says chef Jiri
Hyk, who created the concept.