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Asparagus Quiche (vegetarian)

leaf salad, strawberries, pine nuts and strawberry vinaigrette


Asparagus risotto (vegetarian)

Asparagus, rocket salad, mascarpone cream and orange oil


Roasted chicken breast

port wine jus, asparagus and parsley potatoes


Medium roasted lamb rump NZ

rosemary jus, eggplant and asparagus risotto



We exclusively use Swiss meat & fish.


All our prices are in CHF incl. VAT.

We are happy to serve you our high-quality home-made bread alongside our dishes. This is a traditional rye and wheat mixed bread, made with mild natural sourdough. Our ingredients come from IP-Suisse cultivation, where the use of pesticide is strictly prohibited.

Food intolerances

We will gladly inform you about any allergens in our dishes and the origin of our products.