Beer CH

Spirgarten Hell, draft

Top-fermented ⋅ slightly hoppy ⋅ fruity 

CH,  Hof Allenwinden BIO 4.7 vol%

Bottle 33cl 6.50 

only seasonal

30cl 6.00
50cl 9.00

Haldengut Lager draft

Aromatic ⋅ slight malt note

CH, Winterthur 4,8 vol% 

30cl 4.90
50cl 7.50

Ittinger Amber draft

Full-bodied ⋅ round ⋅ fresh

CH, Ittinger Klosterbräu 5.6 vol%

30cl 6.00
50cl 9.00

Locher craft dark

dark, non alcoholic, full body

CH, Appenzell  0.0 vol%

30cl 7.00

Tschlin Bio Bügel

Fresh ⋅ slightly bitter ⋅ citrus note

CH, Graubünden 5 vol%

33cl 8.00


Bittersweet ⋅ coffee ⋅ campfire

CH, Sankt Gallen 5 vol%

33cl 8.50

Bierwerk Rainbow IPA

light international IPA straight out of zurich

CH, ZH 6.0 vol%

44cl 8.50

Eichhof Finsterer Hubertus

Slightly sweetish ⋅ roasted aromas ⋅  dark 

 CH, Luzern 5.7 vol%

33cl 6.50


spicy, fresh, typical calanda

CH, GR 0.0 vol%

33cl 6.00

Baarer feinherb, alk frei

Fine spicy ⋅ slightly citrus 

CH, Zug 0.5 vol% 

33cl 7.00

Suure Moscht, Möhl

CH, Thurgau, 4 vol%

50cl 7.50

Beer Others

Lagunitas IPA draft

 Fresh ⋅ hoppy ⋅ caramel note

USA  6.0%

30cl 6.50
50cl 9.00

Erdinger Weissbier draft

Light wheat ⋅ fine sweetness ⋅ elegant

DE 5,3 vol% 

30cl 6.00
50cl 9.00

Erdinger Weissbier alk free

Fine bitter ⋅ slightly sweetish ⋅ fineacidity

DE 0.5 vol%

50cl 8.50

Riegele Liberis 2+3 IPA alk free

Tropical ⋅ fruity ⋅ refreshing 

DE 0.5 vol%

33cl 7.00

Chimay brune bleue

Trappist beer, rose note, fresh yeast

BE 9.0 vol%

33cl 9.00

Tegernseer Pils

more than 1000 years brew traditon, DE
heartfull and noble bavarian full bodied beer

DE 5.0 vol% 

33cl 7.00

Jever Pils

refreshing , friesisch herb, DE
more bitterness than lager and other pilsner beer

CH 5.0 vol% 

33cl 7.00


light golden super Premium Lager
fullbody, refreshing like the original, IT

IT  0.0 vol%

33cl 7.00

Störtebecker Atlantic Ale

Lemon ⋅ grapefruit ⋅ meolon ⋅ stormy ⋅ fresh

DE 5.1 vol%

50cl 9.00


creamy, silky coffee, toffee, slightly bitter, IR

IR 4.2 vol%

50cl 9.00

Ch'ti blonde

Strong ale, caramel, honey, elegantly hopped

FR 6.4 vol% 

33cl 8.00

Augustiner Hell

Mild ⋅ drinkable ⋅ slightly sweet

DE 5.2 vol% 

50cl 9.00


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There’s something brewing

It is truly amazing how something as tasty as beer consists of raw products such as water, yeast, hops and malt. Find out about the necessary production processes and steps here.

To the brewing process


Spirgarten Hell is our first own beer. It is a easy drinking, slightly fruity beer beer with a a nice taste of hop. The beer is brewed at Hof Allenwinden in Kappel am Albis - made in a beautiful surrounding for unforgettabel moments. Enjoy!

Alcohol content: 4.7%

Freshly tapped: 3dl: CHF 6.00